Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get on TV Free & Get a FREE $50,000 Corvette!!!

We want you on our TV Show!!
... and before an ongoing audience of over **75 million viewers!!**

FACTS-->--------Very soon we are going to film a Special Infomercial that will beseen on both Daytime & Evening Television, as well asInternationally and in 14 different major languages, and in 57major countries around the World!!
The Infomercial will offer our record-breaking flagship digitalproduct "Get Google Ads FREE!" available of course at ClickBank.
=>> And we would like YOU to star in it!
I'm not kidding either.
And here is what all you get!!...
(1)--->You get a FREE Trip on us!!--->We will fly you to Los Angeles at our expense, put you up with yourfamily (or up to 3 of your friends) in an exclusive 5-star $1,500 anight luxury hotel -- all completely paid for by us!!---------------------------------->
(2)---->Enjoy $5,000 FREE on us!!---->You will be given a spending allowance of $5,000 to spend whilevisiting the Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills/Rodeo DriveAreas.
You can spend this money on ANYTHING you want!!>--------------------------------->
The ONLY thing you need to do to get on this TV Program is:
1. Get your own copy of "Get Google Ads FREE!" (assuming if you haven't already)
You can get it here: -->
2. Apply its "Secret" to getting $1 million's in FREE pay-per-clicks at Google and other search engines
3. You don't actually have to push it that far, but just as long as you're getting at least a good amount (between $2,000 & $5,000 a month) in PPCs FREE, that's fine!
4. Do this for several months
5. Then just email us and tell us your results (and send PROOF!)
6. Get your email in to us no later than 5 months from now!!
We'll then look at what you've done, and take your and otherpeople's submissions, and then get back to you ASAP!!
-----You're a WINNER either way!!----->Even if we don't pick you, you still can get any one of severalPRIZES including (but not limited to):
o a FREE $7,500 61-inch Plasma TV o a complete TiVo Entertainment System --> Check it out at: o $10,000 in free furniture for your home! o $1,000 FREE Gift-Certificate o $500 FREE Gift-Certificate o $250 FREE Gift-Certificate
===========================================================----And here's what you get if you get on our TV Show!!--->===========================================================
But if we DO pick you to be on our TV Show, in addition to becomingfamous on TV overnight, you'll also get:
o a brand new $50,000 Corvette -- like the one shown here: --> o $15,000 CASH!! -- Paid directly from OUR Bank to Yours!! o $5,000 towards your son's or daughter's education!! o Plus the same Plasma TV just like the one described above! o the same exact TiVo System described above! o Not just 1, but 4 FREE $1,000 Gift Certificates!!! o Plus much, much more!!...
ALL THIS just for doing well, and being on our TV Show!!
This is NOT a joke, but a serious **Invitation** to be a part ofsomething truly amazing!!
Our Infomercial is not going to be one of those 'cheezy' kindseither -- but a really POSH-LOOKING Professionally done TV Showthat will be similar to how Oprah formats her conservative-lookingTV Show!
You will be PROUD to be a part of this -- plus, you'll get several*FREE COPIES* on both DVD and VHS formats of you on our TV Show tokeep or give to close family and friends!!
=====Use Your Appearance on our TV Show to make you M0NEY!!*****************************************************************
I hope you're not shy and really want to be on our TV Show,because we'd sure love to have you as our very special guest!!
You have up to 5 months to prepare and get ready, so start now!!(This is your chance to make it BIG!!)

PS -- Keep in mind that you're a WINNER either way!!
*But shoot for the grand opportunity of being on TV as we'd lovenothing better than to have you on our Show!
GET STARTED TODAY!! (5 months will be here before you know it!)
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